What Makes Del Frio Different?

Del Frio is a renowned café with over a dozen branches across the port city, Karachi. When it comes to famous food streets in Karachi, few places like “Sindhi Muslim, Bahadurabad, Boat Basin, & Muhammad Ali Society” comes to our mind. Lucky for you, Del Frio is available in the vicinity of all these food streets.

This restaurant is famous for its overwhelmingly delectable breakfast range which includes scrumptious items such as “The Famous American Breakfast.”

Del Frio Cakes

When it comes to who provides the best cakes in Karachi, Del Frio definitely takes the lead in most of the categories.

Unlike many other cake shops,the cakes provided by Del Frio offers an authentic European taste. From the Valentine special “Red Velvet Karachi” to insanely delicious Birthday Cakes in Karachi, Del Frio provides an array of delectable flavors.

But if you are a malt cake lover, I would suggest you to try Sacha’s cakes.

Sweet to the core they it to be; Bounty Cake shares the true essence of decadence and sweetness. With over a dozen categories of cakes, I would rate Bounty Cake to be the best of them. The cake shares an ultimate sweet delight with an addition of mouth-watering bounty. If you’re planning to send a gift for a friend’s birthday party, I would highly recommend this cake to be your companion.

Del Frio Burgers

Del Frio offers an extensive variety of world-class cooking techniques and offers a mouth-watering assortment of Pakistani and Italian dishes. From the juicy Mushroom Burger to Prawns, Peri Bites to Fettuccine Alfredo; Del Frio has everything you need for a perfect meal or a lunch.

Del Frio Mushroom Burger is surely not to miss this season. This non-veg Burger is prepared with high quality ingredients that give it a jam of a taste.

Juicy to the core they say it be; The mushroom Burger is a perfect meal appetite that comes with an inspiring hot cheese.

Awake your inner carnivore with their cheesy Mushroom Burger.

Del Frio Bakes

Being one of the renowned Bakers of Karachi, Del Frio serves the most flavorsome bakes in Karachi ranging from Hot Dog Rolls to Chicken Fajita Puff. Moreover, the restaurant offers a robust online delivery all over Karachi. This restaurant is perfect to order food for your evening carvings.

Del Frio Fish And Chips

If there’s anything that entices me to go to Del Frio that would be their Yadgaar “Fish and Chips”. If you have a good seafood taste, this dish is the perfect meal for you. They serve a greater quantity of Fish and Chips as compared to other restaurants. The dish always rids high on their spotless menu and one should never leave their restaurant without tasting tantalizing treat!

Del Frio Pizzas

Without any doubt, I would say their Pizzas are the most overlooked item. This is because of the intense competition in the world of pizza. With big pizza restaurants like California and Broadway, the replacement is difficult.

But is there any special pizza Del Frio is known for? Yes there is.

Their Buffalo Ranch Pizza is served with blue cheese dressing and is damn crispy. If you’re a fan of spicy chicken, I bet you can’t resist the lovely taste of this pizza. I would highly recommend everyone to try their Buffalo Ranch once.

If I compare the price, they are way cheaper than most of the pizza restaurants we have in Karachi. This pizza cost around 600 Rs at Del Frio.

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