Top Sweets prepared in Karnataka

Sweets are very mouth relishing dish in Karnataka. Sweets are the dish which is prepared by using sugar to give sweetness to it. The sweets are prepared only during the time of festivals and a lot of efforts are required for it. There is a lot of sweet dishes prepared in Karnataka and different types of sweets prepared in certain parts. All are crazy about the sweets and they are very fond of laddos prepared their mothers. Karnataka is a place which is rich in terms of different variety of dishes being prepared. Not only sweet dish but also the famous for chicken, fish and even vegetable dishes.

Here are the top sweets list

Mysore Pak

It is one of the famous sweet dish prepared in Karnataka. It was first prepared in the kitchen of Mysore Palace during the rule of Krishna Raja Wadiyar by a palace cook namely Kakasura Madappa. It is a mixture of gram flour, ghee, and sugar and spread in a plate, later cut it to give it a shape. The name itself refer to the place from where it is originated and tell the history about it. To prepare this at home they require more patience because the consistency of the sugar syrup should be very proper. Once you try it and you will like it.

Dharwad Peda

This is also one of the mouthwatering sweet dish which is famous in Karnataka and not only the name but also the taste is really nice. This peda is having 175 years old history and this sweet was originally started by Thakur family who has migrated from Unnao in Uttar Pradesh. The original Dharwad Peda is prepared from Buffaloe’s milk and it is prepared in the city Dharwad. Every person from different cities and state like this particular sweet very much.


Kunda is prepared using sugar, milk, and curd and it is an extremely delicious dish from Belagavi, Karnataka. If you want the original taste of it you have to go to the place Belagavi and it is one of the historic places. It is a semi-liquid dish prepared from milk and there is a different type of Kunda available in the market.


The taste of this particular dish is really awesome because this is made from dry fruits and coconut. Kara which means fried one and dantu means sticky one and it is a famous dish in Gokak, Karnataka. The taste of this particular sweet is mouthwatering and filled with nuts which are really good for health as well. Small kids love this kind of laddos very much and even the younger generations.


This is one of the sweet dishes which is very famous in Mysore and Bangalore. It is a unique delicacy which is very soft-slimy consistency makes one of the unusual sweets. It is made from rice, jaggery, coconut which gives a smooth texture. The taste of this sweet dish is like milky and loved by the people very much.

These are the few dishes which is very famous.



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