Does Injecting Meat for BBQ and Smoking Increases Flavor and Tenderness?

The art of grilling meat involves flavoring meat with all kind of spices to get it tendered before it

is placed on the grill. The process of flavoring the meat includes marinating it by rubbing the spices on the body and leave for some minutes before placing on the fire.

It is advisable that you oil the grill for effective grilling but that is not our center of focus. Our focus is on that which has been a debate for few years now. Does Injecting meat for BBQ increases the flavor and tenderness compared to rubbing spices known as the marinating process?

Injecting meat for BBQ is not a new fashion method of preparing meat before grilling. It has been a method used over the years but it is not taking the center stage of meat grilling all because of the benefits and effectiveness in giving the meat the flavor and tenderness needed.

The main idea of injecting meat is that marinating or rubbing spices on the body of the meat is not too effective. Why? The spices just get stuck at the surface of the meat and only little finds its way into the meat.

It is the reason injecting meat with spices gives effective and outstanding result. Every part of the meat gets soaked with spices and one get to have access to a perfect grill meat. The process of injecting meat isn’t difficult to do.

After you must have hunt for the meat or you get it from the market, you have to wash and leave to dry for some minutes. Get all the necessary equipment needed such as the injector tubes, injection pump bottles and needles. After you have then available, you can go ahead to prepare the spices solution.

Depending on you, you can add different kind of spices as you want your meat to be flavored. Scoop little amount of the solution into the injection pump and then with the needle, you can inject the meat strategically to ensure the spices solution is evenly distributed to every part of the meat. This is the simplest form or method of injecting meat for BBQ and it thus have a great outcome over rubbing the meat with spices.

If you are used to a single pattern of rubbing your meat with spices before grilling, your orientation and taste for BBQ meat will change the very moment you eat any BBQ meat that was injected with spices before grilling.

Reasons you should Marinate using injection method

It gets the spices evenly distributed around the meat and therefore you have the whole part of the meat baptized with spices and not just the surface.

It gives a professional taste. If you are hosting your friends for a weekend party at your place, you can give them a sumptuous BBQ feast and leave them to keep asking for more by injecting the meat with spices.


Rubbing spices all over the meat before grilling is a  very good thing but it is never as effective as injecting the meat with spices. Above are some reasons you should inject your meat and the outcome you get from grilling such as a tendered and flavored meat.

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